Pixel Art - Substance Designer Material Generator

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This generator takes either an Alpha or Color PNG image and creates a pixel art version of said image. It's not merely just a pixel effect, but has options to add outlines based on the color of the image. Customize the body and outline color of your alpha images as well as add a life/magic meter based on your alpha input (see pictures).

Pixel Art includes a built in text generator and life bar generator as well. Great for quickly creating pixel designs should you need a pixel art based texture.

You can machine-gun-create pixel art for your game by inputting clip art from an existing/online library instead of making a bunch of pixel art assets by hand.  

Personal / Indie License includes ONLY the SBSAR.

Commercial License includes the SBSAR and the Substance Project file Graph so you may edit and customize at will.  

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Pixel Art - Substance Designer Material Generator

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